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  1. Tom Scryleus

    best camera comparison video of the year! ps. video is important to me, sorry sammy..

  2. unboxing online shopping

    Great video

  3. Melanie

    in conclusion: if you're the average user who wants simplicity done well, especially for selfies, portrait mode, night mode and videos that look true to life - choose the iphone 12 pro max. if you want excessive features and you will genuinely use them enough to justify paying for the phone, like super slow motion, zoom, and for your pictures and videos to appear more edited instead of natural, choose the S21 ultra.

  4. K B

    We all know that Mrwhosetheboss is an Apple fanboi

  5. LifeIsAPerson

    Well I have a iPhone 4s with iOS 6, that can beat you.

  6. Mike Walker

    Very good comparison and I think is a tough job sometimes is a personal choice on how a photo or video comes out as to which wins.. But I feel you have a done gone job in providing us with details to help us decide.

  7. Lordcool

    He prefers I phones pictures cause it makes him look lighter skinned

  8. Midnight Sun

    Iphones are overpriced sh!t. The 11 is my first and last. Total trash.

  9. lgfkc

    great vid

  10. Jack Turner

    Not even a minute into watching the video and I've been Rick Rolled 😑 0:35

  11. SaithusX

    Man I could care less about the camera. This was background noise. But damn the quality video is just awesome!

  12. Anthony Van Wyk


  13. SoakingEggs

    aaron: "holding probably the best smartphone cameras available" huawei and xiaomi line-up: am i a joke to you? :/

  14. Random Playz

    Me: watches this video about wish The ad on this video: it’s wish time boiiis

  15. Anold Chabata

    Quiet cool camera review you doing nowadays Aru...just like the note mate and iphone ,,,neat work man 👨

  16. Piyush_01

    Plot twist It's a video to show of his quality

  17. Alex Chang

    5:37 oh no what will happen to this channel when Arun finally runs out of words

  18. Sufian lim

    No way Iphone will win

  19. Philip Basin

    05:36 I don't know why this cracked me the fuck up 😂

  20. Toni Modahl

    I have the note 20 ultra, its mor or less same as the s21. If u wondering how it filmes i have a vid for you. I filmen with the normal CAM app and filmic pro, edited in filmora, and filed sometimes with the osmo mobile 3 gimble. So what can u get ....

  21. Adson Brito

    P40 pro the best

  22. jeremy21 IAmHoly

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  23. Kozhen Idres

    as an Android user i prefer iPhone for photography but Android is far above and beyond in other aspects

  24. oolay tromas

    You say about the aggressive noise reduction on the S21 Ultra but I think they have always been bad for that, I noticed it on my Note 2, Note 4 and Note 9. Then I thought they would have got past that with the Note 20 Ultra but they always use heavy noise reduction and over sharpening even in normal day light shots. In a lot of the shots and video in this video I can see it even without cropping in its almost like a watermark on the Samsungs in my personal opinion. I wish they would stop it the shots wouldn't need to be over sharpened if they didnt hammer them in the first place. Side note that hot mess the Samsung made at 7.35 where the colours are all wrong, its blown out and then pulled back so the whites are kinda grey is a perfect example of what my Note 20 Ultra does at small gigs at the pub but it looks sooo much worse when its someones face. They are trying to get way too much dynamic range out of it that its breaking up and doesnt look natural. It would be better if they just didnt.

  25. G6A

    Legit got an S21 ad on this video...

  26. odeh godfrey

    Leo7hack he is the best on Instagram he helped me hack my wife WhatsApp now I can spy on her massages

  27. Tiago Izaguirre

    "I've never shown a video of me driving a car" Weird thing to hide but ok

  28. odeh godfrey

    Leo7hack he is the best on Instagram he helped me hack my wife WhatsApp now I can spy on her massages

  29. Max R

    1:28 "..know you're gonna like.." Ha, you mean, "they will make you like!"

  30. Kelly Carl

    Huawei will murder them..😁😁

  31. RNG LILO02

    Finally an honest camera review! If you've watcged supersaf ,he is saying that the iphone is better ,i still prefer how Arun makes his videos! So creative!!!

  32. Sofian Madi

    Bro! Stop rick rolling me 😡 Also good video.

  33. Ethan Chen

    can someone please tell me what game he was playing at 4:15

  34. Farin Alam

    Test the ultra vs the xiami mi 10/note 10 phones!!!!

  35. Joker Over

    very good video as usual and sincere answers not like supersaf who is blind

  36. Mike Sapienza

    I always wondered why the S7 never got the One UI update while the FE(basically the Note 7) got it. They had pretty much the same chipsets.

  37. Ethan Kispert

    My take is that the decision is purely based on what kind of experience you want. Do you want to be able to change up every little feature with how you shoot pictures and like being able to customize that? Go with the Samsung S21. Are you someone that just wants a simple camera that takes great pictures and gives you the core fundamentals? Go with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Both are great cameras in their own way.

  38. Josh Cappa

    Literally only here for the cam quality 😂

  39. Bruh

    Like Samsung, mrwhosetheboss is cramming rick rolls into every video 0:31 watch the iPhone 12 closely

  40. Vrîñd

    Americans after seeing Arun drive: *_he is driving on the wrong side of the road_*

  41. rtorbs

    Every time I get a Samsung phone I wonder why after.......I hate the amount of forced bloatware. Finally after a Note10+ 5G never again

  42. Florina Balan

    Excuse me, what was that small movin light on the Samsung photo at 6:58 ?? 🤔

  43. David Erban

    This video was awesome! Thank you!

  44. Kush Kumar

    Is that a MOVING shooting star in a STILL photo? 6:58

  45. ZINJiL


  46. Melanie

    someone needs to make a compilation video of all the different versions of "a sub to the channel would be... ____"

  47. TechPhD

    I really loved the new graphics representing which phone won each category

  48. isyraf ismady

    Thank you

  49. Saranga Edirisinghe


  50. Lavender Moon

    Me: very tempted to give it and make it my screen saver Also me:DONT DO IT me again: but.....ok

  51. Dinesh Kumar

    Samsung whoops apple hands down

  52. Tom ross

    *Arun showing all the photos* Me watching in 144p: nice

    1. Dishant Seth



    That two phones I have •́ ‿ ,•̀

  54. EnvyTheRealest

    I have an S9+ Snapdragon. Why can't I get my photos of video to look like MHTB

  55. abanoub samy

    Can u test an android phone that is Gcam compatible vs the iphone 🤔 , software matters alot and google's shooting algorithms are way better than the manufacturers of these devices 🤷‍♂️

  56. Athil Sahhar

    S21 ultra is a clear winner

  57. Trippex dj

    Never understood why people have to record video while running ??? There are many risks involved lol

  58. Sid K

    Watching Arun's comparisons and going for shopping with my wife. At the end, I am equally confused, which one should I go with!

  59. Radwan Ahmed Hussein

    You had a mistake at the beginning of the photography, because the iPhone 11 Pro was in silver and then it turned golden, how?

  60. christopher martin

    122,000 and you cant get some earpods with it....typical apple!

  61. Cody McKinney

    You mean to tell me.. all the old people and all the people with cheap Androids are buying linux phones lolol

  62. Melanie

    "sometimes it takes seeing how something COULD be done, to realize how it SHOULD be done." a lesson for the government.

  63. Eduardo A. Álvarez

    I just hope Samsung gets better at video, they pretty much nail photos.

  64. azza mcberry

    0:35 he Rick rolled us 😭

  65. Singapore bus lover

    At 0:35 you just got rickrolled

  66. Ackermeister

    Nice Comparison as always next time I would also compare the Social Media Performance of both. Because I think many people also choose because of pictures and videos they wanna post on Insta or Snapchat etc.

  67. mubking otaku

    This is the best video of camra compare

  68. Vrîñd

    Everyone gangsta till Arun completely runs out of words

  69. [Sßeve]

    I conviently got a wish ad with this

  70. Gary Dauphin

    Good job, sir. Bottom line for most folks (with current software): for photos, this Samsung wins. for Video, Apple wins.

  71. Robin Ayzit

    S21 ultra 👍🏼

  72. Abo Ali

    Woo S21 Ultra

  73. roy polinder

    I tried with Samsung a50 but nothing happens

  74. Some Guy

    Hey Guys MKBHD here

  75. Grimhhch

    Nice rickroll

  76. Danish khan

    @1:35 ghost captured in IPhone's camera .

  77. Anirudh Saluja

    A sub to the channel will be fantabulous....

  78. Alvin

    Xiaomi mi 10t pro 108 megapixel. 1400 price gap..

  79. Kevin Robinson Jr.

    by my calculations, the iphone lost by one point.

  80. KuCh Bhi

    Best part of video is "Sub. To the channel will be ............." 😅😅