Xiaomi Mi 11 Unboxing & Review.


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    Unboxing and Full Review of the New 2021 Xiaomi Mi 11! Includes Camera test, battery test, specs, features and more. Subscribe to see the Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra when those phones inevitably come out too!
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      For everyone who came within the first hour, here's a virtual cookie 🍪 To see the video all about Fake Reviews on PAmost: pamost.info/prom/rLF3o2SrnpmshLg/v

      1. Emmanuel

        20h later, and I still get the cookie

      2. アグスティンジェームス

        Hi where did you order your Mi 11? Im skeptical in ordering it from ebay

      3. Mari B.

        Great video man, I like way how you do you videos and how you evaluate and compare things and that you take into account the diversity of markets 👍

      4. Anon Ymous

        Do you honestly not comprehend that xiaomi can sell phones so cheap because they are subsidized by the Chinese government?

      5. Sensei GT

        HEY Aron why is rick roll on your TV 1

    2. van0tot100

      13:06 You cannot shake someones hand. It is illegal.

    3. Darren Wolf

      just needs a much better camera and can easily become a samsung / iphone killer

    4. Itz moonlight LensaL VII

      3:23 on the left hand side at background, Get Rick rolled

    5. mat ldn

      I just do not get it, no micro SD card slot. So no thanks.

    6. Bryan AnimatesStuff

      Anyone else saw the rick Astley in the background

    7. Avinash

      That ACE was good

    8. Jash Jain


    9. NYTROL

      I gotta get that

    10. Hamid 002

      Even I didn't like the rounded Screen corners.

    11. Kastjels'JinnHorror

      *All the Propps on that Phone, compared to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra cost 650€ more!!!* *That tells me, that I pay even more on the name of "Samsung"!!!*

    12. Seondal

      Hello sir I'm from Philippines🇵🇭. I hope you will give me a secondhand phone even it's worth 100 dollar its a big blessings for me i dont have a decent phone bcs I'm only a working student , I can't afford a phone that have a quadcam like yours. I'm using a phone right now with android 7 software and it only have a 16gb internal storage and 2gb ram. I cant search normally for my studies bcs. It always freeezing. I hope you'll read my comment. God bless you sir. Iloveyou so much AND FULL SUPPORT FROM. PHILIPPINES🇵🇭 I HOPE YOU'LL GIVE ME A PHONE EVEN IT'S A SECOND

    13. 19 Adarsh Kandan Parthiban


    14. MechaMicro

      You know the rule, and so do I. Say goodbye!

    15. Rohinton Chinoy

      How hard is it to de-bloat it ?. Can I root it ?.

    16. Crims 8

      never guna give

    17. Maverick Axl

      How many people are waiting for Biden to lift the ban on Huawei

    18. Anthony pHung

      The serious pilot informally reflect because gymnast fifthly communicate into a tiresome zipper. raspy, hideous high parallelogram

    19. nasrin akther akhi

      Which game you were planning???

    20. Mr egg Man

      Don't Rick roll me

    21. Yus 18

      3:23 did i just get rolled?

      1. Tech Boss TV

        haha we all did!

    22. Joseph Cuevas

      The design is totally crap

    23. Joseph Cuevas

      Better iPhone;)

    24. Vincent_Walker TV

      Genshin impact!?!

    25. Mert Ozkılıc

      It would be amazing if you can also add photos and videos of stars. :)

    26. Andrei Secan

      The rickroll tho-

    27. Walker Gascon

      Is the front camera decent?

    28. Vinton Jing

      I think the main issue for Xiaomi is ramp-up production. Mi 11 is hard to buy in China today, I am sure when it launches globally, it will be the hard-to-buy phone 2021. However, I still think the Redmi K40/Poco F3 series would be the better phones for most people. Using Redmi K20 Pro(8G + 256G) since 2019 I have zero complaints. It costs me less than $450.

    29. Amin Bakri

      Someday whatever the best phone in the world in this year 2021, will become like 3310

    30. chidi ebere

      Guy you good

    31. Ruben Emblem

      I just want to know if Xiaomi phones are safe, because of all the Chinese spyware and whatnot...

    32. Nived D O Entertainment

      3:22 I just notice this..... He is really getting better at This 😂

    33. بلال بن سعيد

      Nice rickroll

    34. 林嘉奕

      Whatever you said, I am the side of apple. Android? No, no fucking way! Come on, are you broken?🤣

    35. Angus Or

      There is a reason to it is that cheap because they are selling your data? (Free /cheap) means something...

    36. Anitha Koraginjala

      Getting rickrolled in every video... Why don't you hunt for Rick Ashley? I spotted him

    37. Citaro SR

      There will be a mi 11t also

    38. Anurag TK


    39. Miha Justin

      in our country, you can get a brand new Huawei P30 pro 128GB in a local phone store for about 220€ (on contract).... that's nuts in comparison a few years ago.



    41. eric griffin

      Mate 20 x ........charges in light speed.,stays charged for 3 days of constant gaming and use morning till late night,huge battery,ambled screen way nicer than my brand new note 10plus,cameras blow my wife's iPhone 12 away as well as my other phone note 1 plus,,,,,just deactivated my note 1 plus,speakers are best,the phone is liquid cooled kirin processor that is perfectly tuned with its components making it stay always cool,headphone jack,iron emmiter,huawei has sent several updates since I've purchased it.i get play store and many other play store type apps,1 from china,another from spanish ....most apps are English as well.the telephoto zoom is ungodly far.and the cameras take super macro,macro,slow motion super slow mo,and pic qaulity is way better by far than wife's I phone 12,and NY note 10 plus.,...it's almost bezeless....best of any phone I've seen.its 7.2 inches but because of no bezel ,it's the feels easier to handle than smaller screened phones.its the same size as my samsung tablet a-8...... (huge bezel on tablet.)....oh yeah 256 gb,8 gb ram,dual sim,expandable nanotechnology slot.can use in europe,u.s. or any where in the world instantly....I've had and have alot of different phones,got 3 teens boys,wife they have i phones 12s,note 10plus,etc. And we all agree that my huawei runs circles around there's in every last catagory,and none of theirs have headphone jacks,which they suffer on a daily basis from not having one.my songs new iPhone 12 came with no cable,charger ,or headphones,he suffered because we had to order new ones at Christmas while he used borrowed slow chargers which probably limited or marked his battery longevity.its nowhere close to my batt life.apple is a rip off company that paid off trump or u.s.govt to put the ban on huawei from being sold from u,s,carriers....if they didn't pull that off,there is no way they or samsung could compete at any level.i paid less than 700 for my mate 20x. I paid 1400 dollars for my note 10plus....that's double the price.i can buy 2....for just 1.....but the thing is,it's so much superior in every way,we have done exact comparison tests in our family.....running same high performance apps on each phones,my battery lasted hours longer that all others.and it has the biggest screen.it also charges way faster......they carry their chargers like an unbiblical cord everywhere,and have actually ended up leaving and loosing 2 chargers and 2 cords as result........it's so unfair and illegal buisness practices,and along with just outright lies,and zero proof to back their claim yet the u.s. govt. Made the playing field uneven....most lawmakers and politicians are almost all,millionaires and rich.....almost all....and what's the number one stock that all millionaires own?apple......... Oh yeah when the iPhone 12 and note 10 plus can't get a signal indoors or in a metal stud framed building or way out in the country,my mate 20x always gets a signal.and were all on the same at and t plan......yet I always have stronger signal

      1. Ailsa Ni

        ?? But enjoying the video. ????

    42. YAIR ELAD

      Look at the left screen in 3:30

    43. Yin Yang

      the previous version was so damn good in design, this one is ugly as fuck

    44. JxtOFF Gaming

      I need this phone only to troll my computer teacher. MI user will understand

    45. Gamers Zone

      3:23 Wtf

    46. Gospel Achuenu

      you made the uk as the central of attraction when it comes to taxes😂😂

    47. Andres Bernal Gavino

      Playing MW3 on a Wii emulator on a smartphone... You’re probably the only person in the world that will ever do that lol

    48. Jol Logs

      Imagine what could ROG phone do next.

    49. Sony F806

      Hi Mrwhosetheboss, a heads-up for your reviews of Xiaomi phones. You should have a look at their GPS accuracy, take it for a jog and see how accurate (or not) they are. You can use any free running app like Runkeeper or NRC to help you with this. I have a total of 3 Xiaomi phones and none of their GPS are accurate, reporting 3km when my Pixel reports 5km. New Xiaomi users may find out that their new phone cannot be depended upon to record their daily run correctly. Hope you can add this as a review vector for your future reviews.

    50. kayto

      i bought the note 20 ultra 2 months ago : (

    51. Gary Lawton

      Well done in beating MKBHD ! 😜

    52. kim phi

      The intelligent halibut gully offer because santa extragingivally remember amid a tense cupboard. violet, smiling currency

    53. Nad K

      Wait until the Xiaomi 11 Pro comes out... 80w wireless charging and 120 wired. S21 and iPhone killer 😈

    54. Chinny P.

      Does it have google services?

      1. Artdog

        The Global versions will. Not sure about the China variants.

    55. Tech Earth

      Can you please upload photos somewhere like in google drive or in xameras.com/mobile/xiaomi/mi-11 to see more details in high resolution?

    56. Kusti

      6:02 - 6:16 audio is kinda fucked

    57. Big Jumbo

      What car game was he playing... Anyone???

    58. Hassan Sajid

      Oppo Reno 4 pro in Pakistan is about £400 and in UK £650

    59. aqeel al-zaabi

      im a note 20 ultrs user

    60. aqeel al-zaabi

      thx for the info. appreciated

    61. Pumba Lite

      I love mi now

    62. Yan Amorim

      the camera is ugly

    63. jerico aldave

      3:23 i see rick astey in the tv

    64. Andy Lam

      Can you buy it in US?

      1. Artdog

        No, you'll have to import it or buy it through a US online seller.

    65. Person of Ethnic Minority

      I especially love Rick Astley in the background. Truly enhanced my viewing experience.

    66. len kagamine

      Use gcam

    67. Tomass Kučinsks

      Well written review!

    68. The Human Comedy

      The bezels are disgusting. everything else is pretty dope.

      1. ed Dewes

        But the iPhones notch is 🔥😫

    69. Wayne Chan

      but does it have aridrop?

    70. Under Water

      rick roll at 3:21....

    71. PSYCHO

      2:03 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra peaks at 1,600 nits if I'm not mistaken.

    72. PSYCHO

      Xiaomi: You can ask us for a charger if you want it and we'll gladly provide it to you at no additional cost. Apple: DON'T WRITE THAT DOWN! DON'T WRITE THAT DOWN OR YOU'RE FIRED!!!

    73. Soahasina Ramanoelina

      Can you see Rick Astley reflecting in the screen in the background?

    74. Hou Nyremo


    75. Mallory Chandler

      Mi 11 vs IP 12???

    76. Xneutrone

      1000% agree , price global is joke. in poland when im live phones is 1/4 1/3 more price than china ali or other shop buy.

    77. John Martin Cantorne

      Impressive specs until the bloatware was mentioned.

    78. Muhammad Salamat

      aaron i awas thinking if you could do a review of the iqoo 7

    79. wLaw

      9:20 is just unbelievable

    80. StormyClouds

      3:24 WAIT A MIN did he Rick Roll us .... Look at the background

    81. wLaw

      I have hard time choosing between, Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Samsung S21 Ultra in terms of Macro Photography, which is better? I have seen none youtuber/reviewer out there that compare these two in Macro Shots.

    82. Wit Moncure

      3:22 Did he rick roll me?

    83. Wyatt M

      So I'll just pretend you said a sub would be "magic" which would've been much better 😂 (6:28)

    84. tito mano


    85. tito mano


    86. tito mano


    87. umer nisar

      Does the box come with a mobile?. ....... ... ... How is it possible in 2021?😯

    88. Bishal Dangol

      Samsung and Apple users feeling jealous

      1. eioshen boboi

        3:27 RICK ROLLED!!!!

    89. Randall Shaffer

      0:47 Smooth af.

    90. Jessica Tale

      never stop rick rolling us. ever.

    91. Yevgen4000

      If you're wondering, it's about $670 in the USA.

    92. ArkoPravo ghosh

      08.40 Thank me Later

    93. John Doe

      Does the UI have the annoying ads?

    94. Noah Bowie

      Are you going to make a video on the new Xiaomi ban?

    95. PhantomRaven

      All these high tech Chinese devices cost less because they basically have no RND cost to regain as compared to other more influential companies out there. It's no secret Chinese companies steal ideas and patents

    96. Dimitris Eleftheriadis


    97. Omar Kiyani

      God damn it you know your stuff. Some PAmostrs only go for the flashy stuff some go for the technical stuff. You go for both. Love you work bro. Keep at it!

    98. manderz11

      3:25 We all got rick rolled ;-;

    99. gabi the gaming boi


    100. Francii Kiduu

      Hi! Can you tell me please, on which site can I find xiaomi redmi note 9 pro 5g? (for UK). On their site I can't find it 😅and I don't want to buy it from Aliexpress 😑I need a trustworthy site, please 🥺